Inspire Me, Change My Life

Some people think too much, worry they’ll never have a voice to be heard so they never act, they never give their voice to a cause.  Then there are some that inspire other, give people something to fight for, act as their muse.  These people might not even realize what they are doing, that they are the motivation for another.

First, before I go any further, let me tell you a little about myself.  I was a quiet, timid, self-conscious girl with so many ideas and a desire to help everyone around me, but so afraid to stand up for anything alone, afraid of not being taken seriously, afraid of not being successful at something.  I always had this, what now seems silly, this fear of what would happen if I actually did something, if I spoke out, wrote a blog, talked to someone I didn’t know, got involved.  Sometimes I still feel that way, I’ve never written a blog and I do have that fear of a negative response, but I think that’s just a human response, the fear of rejection, even if it’s just over the internet.

Like I said, I always had ideas and desire, always wanting to help but I just never was able to get the courage to do so all by myself.  Then I met him.  I met him in October of this past year and my entire life was just flipped upside down.  At first there was more bad than good, just a bunch of problems because of different values because we were so different and were both as stubborn.  Then don’t forget the external problems, completely out of our control.

It felt like we had come from different worlds, well we did come from different worlds.  We were the type of people who make it in movies but not in real life because movies always have happy endings, the type of endings that make the Lifetime channel interesting to women, the kind of endings where both people are from different worlds but face the odds and get married with their white picket fence, 2.5 children and dog, but that could never happen in real life right?

We broke up and only a few short months later we were back together, both of us knowing that for some reason we were incredibly drawn to each other and couldn’t be apart.  even through all the chaos, we were like puzzle pieces that just fit together, but you really couldn’t see the entire picture yet because the puzzle wasn’t finished, there was still work to be done.  So that’s what we did and the work began.  We had hour-long discussions and talked and discussed and then talked a little more.  Now we’re better than ever, understand how each other grew up, our differing values, what we’re looking for and how to better communicate with each other.  We’ve worked on our puzzle and are starting to see how the whole picture fits together and as time goes on, who knows?  We might actually finish that picture.

I know he’s had some problems in his past, walked down the wrong roads, met the wrong people.  He has made his share of mistakes but is determined to change, change his life for the better.  It is one of the things I love about him.  He is an amazing person, so strong and determined, anything that needs to get done he does it, even if he has to do it alone.  This was something I was never able to do.  I’m challenged by him to become a stronger person myself and because of him, because of how strong he is, I had a cause to fight for and wanted to be a better person.  I would have never wanted to run 2 Facebook pages or write a blog or do any of the volunteering work that now makes me so happy.

It took one person to give me the strength and inspiration to accomplish everything I have been dreaming of, everything in life that makes me happy.  Only one person, one person who supports me in anything and everything I do.

Who knows?  Maybe you could be that inspiration for someone you love, someone close to you.  You have the power to make a difference, not only in a volunteering situation, but even in everyday life.  My boyfriend wasn’t volunteering to help me, he was just an amazing person who made a difference in my life.

Always remember, you’re one person in the world, but sometimes it only takes one person to make a world of difference.


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